Feel free to violently and passionately disagree with me. It will be not an easy task to change the way things are. I do not question what they do, but I do question the manner in which they are doing it. Page 1 of 1. There has to be a reason why the owners of replicas seem to be much more willing to share their Bugattis with the rest of us, than some who owns the more original cars.

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What we have here is both metal and people; it is my humble opinion that we owe it to each other to tell the whole story. I believe that if one is in the fortunate position to own a Bugatti, you owe it to the next generation to preserve this legacy.

I am on a quest of the soul to immerse myself in the history, and the people of the marque. Yep, it set FTD.

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A response to Whitney Paine Posted: They are proud of the work they do in identifying the information that the picture contains and rightly so. Alone I will achieve nothing.

That winning bid was secured by British historic racing exponent Anthony Mayman, who later passed the car to its present owner Peter Giddings. Flockhart kept R4D only a short time, but excelled with the car in Formula Libre, winning five races, he was signed up to drive maymzn BRM in Point taken, I will try to do as you ask, but I am a passionate man, and my passions do sometimes override common sense and good manners.


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Well, that statement is total and utter garbage. If I am reading correctly, it boils down to two main points: I must stress that these are my own views, that I do not work for the Trust and have no authority to act as a mouthpiece for them: Luckily I am saved from BMI problems. Sat Feb 16, 9: But whoever you choose, I feel, must have much practical experience of the actual machines, not necessarily an owner, but certainly someone who has had the opportunity to “touch the cloth” Perhaps Stuart might wish to weigh in, I am quite znthony, now, as to his thoughts on originality.

Feel free to violently and passionately disagree with me.

As to your request that I follow up the Royale article with a more technical work – right idea, wrong person. About your suggestion that we introduce some sort of classification to describe a car’s condition, I have thought about this for a long time, and have even suggested a simple 6 out of 6 system myself.

Instead of just qnthony “BOC bashing” let’s formulate exactly the problems that some people have xnthony them, so the BOC can react on that, without things getting out of hand. As for over-restoring Bugattis, and changing specs and bodies: You disagreed, and stated so in no uncertain terms.

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There is something awe inspiring about building an entire museum to preserve a single long-boat. Herewith then a brief synopsis of T13A Sat Feb 16, 2: It is the paperwork that must go with it, to make any car a Bugatti.


The Duke of Marlborough won’t be allowed to fit double glazing to Blenheim Palace, any more than he would be allowed to build apartments in the quad. All that precious history wiped away and what are we doing about it? Sat Dec 29, 2: Anthhony, decidedly uncompetitive in modern motorsport, the car passed through several more ownerships before establishing itself in the newly developing world of ‘historic’ motorsport.

He continued to campaign the car with huge enthusiasm, winning races at Crystal Palace and Brooklands twiceat the same time taking FTD at Prescott before war intervened. Indeed, so detailed is your argument, that I am prepared to entertain the idea that I may just be wrong.

The only thing we can do is present the history of the car to anyone who is interested.

I am Johan Buchner. Powerless to act I may be, but I will not be silenced. I have proven that when I am wrong, I am prepared to face up to it, and if I am insulting a long standing, if rather eccentric, member of the Bugatti community, I promise you I will offer you an unreserved apology.