In fact you can load every dos programm high, as long as it fits into the memory left there. You will notice, that you have the classic command. As write accesses to the FAT of your hard disk are also cached in memory you can ruin you entire hard disk! The issue is to create a boot that will allow me to play all the games I have installed. In the end a optimized configuration is presented. Select Speicherbelegung and you can browse through your lower 1MB memory and explore the installed programs and tables.

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Now we have two possibilites.

Extended memory

Its size is 32K. Documents claim, that highscan does the same thing we did right know, but I never saw it working. Programs are doss to this memory range.

But you should not expect any speed increase wonders. If dos recognizes that the program would not fit into the umb area it is loaded to conventional memory automatically, so you can not make any mistake when using this command. So I can modify the line to: Some TSRs do not work correctly when loaded to upper memory, resulting in x,s or erratic system behavior.

Since UMA memory is managed in blocks the amount of free Upper Memory is usually larger than the largest contiguous free block. So the whole addressable memory from FFFF was used in the pc-design. No, but mostly you can delete lots of trash those programs have installed.

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SYS or the operating system, which takes care of memory management and copying memory between conventional and extended memory, by temporarily switching the processor into protected mode.

Configuring your MS-DOS properly

Now, sometimes we want to boot our machine with EMS memory. BootMulti this option enables multiple boot configurations. The next line is perhaps the most important line in your config. Ddos you really want to understand how this all works, see the Wikipedia article on DOS memory managementor use your web search engine of choice.

By default there is no RAM in this range as it is mxs for use with hardware that is able to map own memory to this range. You can see that my cd-rom driver needs about 8K, while eansi just wants 2K. If you’ve modified the file according to your needs save it.

All that is just bleh. Select Speicherbelegung and you can browse through your lower 1MB memory and explore the installed programs and tables.

All programs listed here are drivers and tsr programs currently loaded. DOS programs, running in real mode or virtual x86 modecannot directly access this memory, but are able to do so through an application programming interface xks the eXtended Memory Specification XMS. Because of the available support for dps memory in popular applications, device drivers were developed that emulated expanded memory using extended memory.

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In the end a optimized configuration is presented. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. By default such drivers are placed in conventional memory. In DOS memory managementextended memory refers to memory above the first megabyte 2 20 bytes of address space in an IBM PC or compatible with an or later processor.

Then apply all those patches and prepare your windows installation cdrom: Remember that you put your frame address manually to the lowest possible location, so there is the highes amount of continueous memory left. So Microsoft had to react.

Configuring your MS-DOS properly

Even with noems, novcpi etc. So we have to find a way to determine is windows is started.

I might be able to xmz that eventually, but haven’t discovered a way yet. As in all Microsoft configuration files this file is seperated in sections.