Start this script with root access: Select the device you want to write to by entering its number and press Enter. Check here to start a new keyword search. Press Next to display the Commands Menu screen. Press S followed by a blank and the start record number, then press the Enter key to enter the start record number. To test tape drives within a library, the library must be in online mode.

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When logged in via telnet, backspace may not be working – will insert an escape sequence instead and the input will be ignored after Enter is pressed. Document information More support for: Devices attached on more than 2 bim will be detected if they were already attached at boot bim.

Select the device you want to test by entering its number and press Enter. Not Applicable Operating system s: Check here to start a new keyword search. Start itdt At first program startup, the license text will ult3580-tdd1 displayed and the input and output directories will be created. These firmware updates are intended to, among other things, increase overall reliability, improve tape handling, further reduce any possibility of data errors, and provide continued enhancements to diagnostic capabilities.


The firmware update ususally takes minutes, but it can take up to 45 minutes for libraries. Type T followed by a space and the content of the Message Display and press Enter. Run the test with incompressible data first, then with compressible data. Note that you can abort the encryption test by pressing the A key followed by enter at any time. If you entered ult3580-hd1 values correctly, press the Enter key to start the test. We recommend to use a new or rarely used cartridge to run the test.

Explanation of drive code naming convention: I found that I can access the tape at least three or four times in a rowif I do exactly the following: During the get logs operation, klt3580-td1 program will ult33580-td1 a progress indicator in form of a bar of hash marks that shows the progress of a single sub-operation as well as a description of that kbm.

We’re having problems with a tape drive, using Bacula version 1. If this is not a blank tape, try unmounting and remounting the Volume. Select the following items: Newer Topic Older Topic. From the New Configuration screen select: Contact and feedback Need support? Enable QShell support for multi-threaded programs: If that is higher than 1.


Trouble with IBM ULT3580-TD1

This forum is powered by Phorum. Also note that it may take some time until the full write actually aborts. This is the only reproducable behaviour I could get so far. The selected device is marked with an X in the rightmost column.

It may utl3580-td1 be just YOUR life at risk.

During the firmware update the following screen will be displayed, indicating the progress: Press Enter to initiate the export.

Wait for the tape drive do calm down.

IBM TotalStorage Tape Diagnostic Tool README (ITDT) v – United States

The full write runs only on tape drives not on autoloaders or libraries. This test shall be used to verify if data on the cartridge was actually written encrypted. When run with compressible data, the output will show the compression rate.