Sam started his work out of personal interest, as he wanted to build community mesh wireless networks. However, the people who were approached for that task did not accept the offer, so Sam decided to fill the gap for a while. Works on ubuntu 8. Connection dies randomly requiring interface to be restarted, sometimes requires a reboot to make a new connection. The website is kept online for historic purposes only. Resolution is to add this module, to the blacklist.

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Madwifi/Atheros Wireless Linux Driver Users Guide

Join Date May Beans 5. Subversion repository moved [updated].

Support for Atheros chipID 0x rev stheros Sam started his work out of personal interest, as he wanted to build community mesh wireless networks.

How-to compile madwifi and the patch. May 28th, 7.

Chipsets – – Trac

If you’re looking for a more general list of available WLAN devices, check this page. TracWiki introduces the conecpt of the wiki engine, and WikiFormatting explains the wiki formatting jadwifi. It depended on the so called Hardware Abstraction Layer HALwhich long time was available only in binary form due to regulatory concerns. Use the instructions above but checkout http: Most of the few “real” tickets that were opened were in fact support requests, for which the tracker is not suited.


Cheap Ativa card works ok in gentoo. The patch is designed to eliminate invalid retries. While this madwici true in the past, it is no longer the preferable way to go. This project madaifi no longer atheos. There is no thing such as a “current version”. The new cards are now experimentally supported in trunk. Powered by Trac 0. Works absolutely perfect in BT4, just have to manually raise txpower and get way more APs than with any other wireless adapter I had, plus the speed and bandwidth is doubled than with other adapters.

We provided three drivers: Works with latest ath5k drivers. Basically, if you have a working Internet connection no worries if you don’t, see belowall you need to do is download the script Code:. That worked like a charm. Background information on that can be found in ticket Download in other formats: It’s only the first day at uni with the madsifi modules so too soon to tell if it’s stable.


The development process was opened up, inviting other developers to join the effort of improving one of the most advanced As madwifu became more and more evident that Linux needed a device-independent We plan to switch to a database-driven application, backed up with a plugin for Trac that provides a nice user interface. It has been used successfully on Linux with MadWifi for quite some time.

If you want to add entries, feel free, but please follow the general format of the other entries, and add something to the summary box.

Only in other Linux distros the sensitivity is low because of regional limitation, and sadly setting regional codes and modprobing doesn’t fix this ubuntu, in my case. Nevertheless, it was never included into the Linux kernel for various reasons.